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Homework from OnCourse

If your school uses OnCourse Systems for Education, use this tool to list homework from all of your teachers at once. To set it up, you must retrieve the ID numbers for your teachers.

To find the ID number of a teacher, first visit his or her OnCourse website. The URL will look like except with a number in the place of 123456. That number is the teacher ID number.

Teacher Website

However, some schools place all of its teachers’ websites in one menu for the whole school. This puts the teacher websites in a frame whose URL is inaccessible from the address bar. In Google Chrome, you can open the page source in its own tab to get at the URL. Right-click the background of the teacher’s website and click View Frame Source. If you’re using Firefox, then please skip ahead.

View Frame Source in Chrome

The URL of the page is now displayed although the view-source: at the beginning now causes Chrome to display the HTML behind the page instead of the page itself. If you delete that part, Chrome will display the webpage normally. The teacher ID is still at the end if you don’t, though. You can now skip the Firefox part.

Source of Framed Page in Chrome

In Firefox, right-click on the background of the teacher’s website, go to This Frame, and choose Open Frame in New Tab.

Open Frame in New Tab in Firefox

You can now copy the teacher ID from the end of the URL in the new tab.

Framed Page in New Tab in Firefox

Repeat the instructions above for each of your teachers. When you have collected all of their ID numbers, kust append ?teacher_ids= to the end of this page’s URL followed by a comma-separated list of the OnCourse ID numbers for your teachers. Do not include spaces. Here is a sample:,490583,500690,500711,498966,10707247

Tip: You can save the whole URL to your bookmarks/favorites in order to access the same list again quickly.

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