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Circle Area in a Parallelogram

The Circle Area Visualizer dynamically visualizes the area formula of a circle. The user drags the center and a point to form a circle, which is automatically sliced into the given number of sectors. By dragging the sliders at the bottom or using the animation buttons, the user can rearrange the sectors into a pseudo-parallelogram, from which the area formula of a circle is derived. Below is the algebra behind the area formula of a circle, based on the parallelogram attained with the method that Circle Area Visualizer illustrates.

The algebra behind the area formula of a circle

The current version of the Circle Area Visualizer is 1.2. Download the Windows executable! For non-Windows users, download the SWF and run it in Adobe Flash Player.

Note: The screenshots below were taken with Version 1.1 of the program.

Circle Area Visualization 1.1 - Circle Circle Area Visualization 1.1 - Mid-Process Circle Area Visualization 1.1 - Pseudo-Parallelogram

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