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Why orange? Redemption. We march on. For L.

One day, a five-year-old boy sat at the family piano, staring down at the keys. He had learned the basics of piano playing, but he had not used the black keys. Seeing how close they were to his fingers, he now wanted to use the black keys. The boy carefully picked three keys and pressed them simultaneously, and a chord rang out of the piano. He would later learn that this chord was a B suspended fourth chord, root inversion. He broke the chord, and it sounded the like a melody. This could not be stopped. A while later, an entire piano solo had been created. The boy tediously wrote the notes onto a page of a music notebook nearby. From that day, he was a musical composer.

My compositions, in the order in which they were written, are as follows:

  1. In the Flower Field
  2. Hope for Peace
  3. Friendship Song
  4. Victory
  5. Victory Revisited
  6. Here We Come A-wassailing (Arrangement)
  7. The Evil Scientist
  8. The Storytellers
  9. The Star-Spangled Banner (Arrangement)
  10. Only Words
  11. [The Current Working Draft]

I’ll be putting some more performances up here sometime. There are two other compositions, titled Ghost Note and Mysterious, but they are so short that I didn’t include them in the list above.

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