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Why orange? Redemption. We march on. For L.
About Me

My name is David Tsai, and welcome to my website. Reading music, making music, writing music, and listening to music are things that I do. I also work as a part-time information technology specialist for various organizations. In my spare time, music gets written and computers get programmed.

Writing music is often a way to tell stories and challenge myself at the same time. I find that telling a story through music is easier than writing one with words although words can more accurately convey a meaning while music is left to one’s own interpretation. The composition currently in production is The Evil Scientist. At the same time, I also am working on another composition. Only a few people know its title so far. I’ll reveal it when it is near completion. Head over to the Music section to find out more about my music and perhaps listen to a few synthesized recordings.

I got started with computer programming when one day, I was running someone else’s program. It didn’t work exactly the way that I wanted it to work. It occurred to me that if I wrote my own programs, then I could make them work exactly the way that I wanted them to work. Hence, I began writing my own programs. I’m putting some of the newer ones on the Programming Page.

The most extensive part of this website, in terms of coding, is the Comments section. Here, visitors can leave public comments. All of the comments are displayed here. I do check these comments regularly and reply to them, so check back often and see if there are any new comments.

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